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Tuesday, July 11


Sunday, July 16


Saturday, June 24





Teachers Adjustment Clinic

2:30-4:30 PM A monthtly adjustment clinic for current yoga teachers. Learn effective and practical adjustments not taught in trainings. Take your teaching to the next level. Cost: $20. For more info Click Here


Taking Flight: Get Off the Ground and Upside Down

3:00-5:00 PM Learn the essential techniques to get off the ground, in a safe, and effective way. 
Class will start with an Introduction to Pranayama (Breathing Practice), to learn the subtle tools utilized for safe inversions. A Vinyasa Flow sequence based on Ashtanga Principles (Ashtanga Yoga incorporates movement with breath, in a dynamic practice to cultivate a strong, supple physical body and stillness of mind) will follow to warm up for flight. 
You will learn different techniques to invert, whether you're a novice to the practice or a seasoned practitioner. 
This class is open to all levels with at least 4-6 months yoga experience. For more information:


Highlights of Primary and Second Series

This class will focus on parts of Primary which places focus on seated hip openers and deep twists and part of Second Series which consists of backbends, deep hip openers with some leg behind the head postures, and seated twists and shoulder variations to balance it all out. Focus will be placed on jump throughs, jump backs, and headstand variations.  
 Though this is a strong practice, there will be something for everyone. Modifications or a different posture will be offered for the more difficult poses. This is a great class to balance the nervous system through backbends, open the hips through seated twist postures, and create strength in upper back and shoulders through arm balances.

Contact Maria to find out more to sign up. 



When: Feb. 4-5

Where: Yoga Shala of San Antonio, Texas

What: Advance Your Backbends / Advance Your Arm Balances


When: Jan. 31 - Feb. 9

Where: Yoga Shala of San Antonio, Texas

What: Fearless Flying Workshop Series



When: June 11 - 18

Where: Yoga Shala of San Antonio, TX

What: Guest Teacher


When: June 18

Where: Yoga Shala of San Antonio, TX

What: Introduction to 2nd Series Workshop


When: June 12

Where: Yoga Shala of San Antonio, TX

What: Acro Yoga Playshop





When: October 3, 10, 17 & 24

Where: Yogaworks, Pasadena

What: Fearless Flying: Learn How to Fall to Fly Safely





When: May 25

Where: Yogaworks, West Hollywood

What: Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore


When: Feb. 9

Where: Yogaworks, Larchmont

What: The Power of Music & Asana